Welcome to Sprite-Server! This is a little place for everyone that loves everything graphics!

If you like what you see, invite members! :)

Who's in charge?
SatanicGoomba~ The founder of Sprite Server. He does lots of sprite work and animates as well.
FlashfireEX~ A pretty advanced sprite animator that likes video games and animation. Also anime. =w=
Cotycrg~ An admin (Me! I program stuffs, hackz a lil bit, and all that good stuff)!

So what is this story?
Hm. Where to begin. There was a little site called Naruto Sprite Shop(NSS). There was a little incident that occurred there, leaving nothing but big scared leechers, spammers, trolls, and "lulzers" (I know, scary, huh??)
So NSS died in a big fiery fit when the Control Panel password got out, and then several little bitty ucoz sites popped out, trying to take its place. Eventually, Sprite Central(Now retard filled) stepped up and took the throne.
Guess what, they died too! :D ..Soon afterwards, Simeon started Sprite-Central, and due to certain events(50% my fault), this site sprung into action!

What should you do?

Invite everyone who is not an idiot, loves sprites, gaming, and also pizza!